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Sally Symington Portrait

Our candidate for the 2019 General Election is Sally Symington (@SallySymington)

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The Liberal Democrats exist to build and safeguard a fair, free and open society, in which we seek to balance the fundamental values of liberty, equality and community, and in which no-one shall be enslaved by poverty, ignorance or conformity.


  • Councillor Paul Zukowskyj (Hatield South)
    Article: Sep 9, 2021

    Conservatives are failing, across all levels of government, to deliver on promises to deliver sustainable transport solutions in Hertfordshire.

    Hertfordshire Lib Dems have learned that a £1bn infrastructure funding gap, to provide services and support for the expected 100,000 extra homes the Conservative government are demanding we build in Hertfordshire, is almost entirely made up from underfunded sustainable transport projects.

  • Article: Aug 17, 2021

    Herts County Council has announced that it is changing the fuel used by its fire engines and other fire service vehicles but has missed the opportunity to cut their carbon emissions. The change is from diesel to "gas-to-liquid" (GTL) fuel, which the council says is cheaper than switching to electric vehicles, will cut NOx emissions but do little for CO2 emissions since GTL is a fossil fuel made from natural gas.

  • Article: Aug 17, 2021

    The statistics on Adult Social Care in England for August 2021 show clearly that the government continues to leave the care sector exposed with the statistics for August 2021 showing :-

    • There were 14,660 positive Covid tests among care home staff in the four weeks to July 27, triple the 4,552 positive tests recorded among care home staff in June, analysis of figures from the Department of Health and Social Care have revealed.
    • The figures are the highest since the pandemic was surging during the second wave in February of this year.
    • 2,047 care home residents tested positive in the four weeks to July 27, up from 596 the previous month.
    • The figures also show 78% of staff in care homes have now received two doses of the vaccine, while 93.5% of care home residents have received both doses.
  • We urgently need more on street charging points
    Article: Aug 4, 2021

    Opposition Liberal Democrat Councillors have hit out over Herts County Council policies on providing electric vehicle charge points as totally lacking vision and unambitious.

    Herts County is proposing to only allow for on road chargers in limited circumstances creating a two-tier system.

    Liberal Democrat councillors tried to get the council to agree to allow their installation in residential streets which lack off road parking using, where feasible, existing street furniture. They were voted down by the ruling Conservatives.

  • Article: Jul 20, 2021

    At today's meeting of Hertfordshire County Council, the Conservatives turned down a proposal from the Liberal Democrats to top up - by £31 per child - the Government's £50 part-funding of vital support over the summer holiday for each of the 34,400 children receiving free school meals.

    County Councillor Mark Watkin, Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Children's Services and proposer of the top-up motion, commented;

  • environment
    Article: Jul 19, 2021

    "The Conservatives are failing to protect nature", Sarah Olney MP

    The Liberal Democrats HAVE proposed changes to the Environment Bill to protect green spaces and wildlife.

    The Conservatives' Environment Bill will fail to protect British nature and our beautiful landscapes.

    We are already living in one of the most nature-depleted countries in the world. Our waterways are in a poor condition with just 14% in good condition. More than 40% of native species are in decline.

  • Drain and Gravel 1
    Article: Jul 11, 2021

    "Dacorum Borough and Herts County both need to work together to solve blocked drain problems," says Lib Dem Councillor, Nick Hollinghurst who represents Tring West & Rural on DBC.

    He explains, "District and Borough Councils both have a shared responsibility to keep the highway and the gutters free from loose debris, grit, mud and litter.

    "The County Council has responsibility to keep the highway well drained and clear from flooding.

    "However under every drain is a large gulley or silt trap - and if the gutters and the highway are not kept clear, then silt, mud and litter will either block the top of the drain or get washed down and trapped in the gulleys.

    "This quickly fills up and then they are blocked, the outflow pipework is also blocked and the blockage then hardens.

    "Once this has happened, the gulleys have to be expensively dug out by hand.

    "Both authorities need to do their jobs to keep the drains free and the highways clear.

    "In particular Dacorum Borough Council needs to do better in keeping roadways outside Hemel Hempstead clear!

    "Although large brush sweeping machines are deployed across Hemel hempstead and seem to do a good job there, in rural areas and in the market towns older, smaller machines are failing to do the job.

    "The picture shows an extensive bank of gravel and silt at the A41 roundabout to the east of Tring - a spot known for a long time as a site where drains frequently block and rain water floods right across the A4251. The drain is barely visible.

    "The second picture shows the drain has been dug out, but the county sub-contractors who did that, just left the gravel and silt still heaped in the gutters waiting to washed in at the next thunderstorm - to fill the gulley and block the drain all over again!

    "County sub-contractors should be given instructions to completely remedy such situations by removing all adjacent gravel, and Dacorum Borough Council should keep all gutters in Tring and Berkhamsted well swept and clear - and both councils should co-operate with each other to get the work done properly!"

  • Unpaid Carers 2
    Article: Jul 9, 2021
    "The other day, I spent some time meeting with a wonderful group of unpaid carers", Ed Davey - Leader of the Liberal Democrats, Jun 11, 2021

    "People looking after their loved ones too often feel forgotten," said Ed.

    "The other day, I spent some time meeting with a wonderful group of unpaid carers.

    "We had been brought together by Carers UK and a number of other carers' organisations as part of Carers Week, so they could share their experiences directly with me and we could discuss what changes might make their lives better.

  • Massive Pothole
    Article: Jul 8, 2021

    As a former Herts county councillor, Nick Hollinghurst, was interested in the recent report on potholes in the Hemel Hempstead Gazette - a never ending problem it seems.

    There is, of course, one simple action we can all take to motivate the County Council to repair potholes faster - and that is to use the online HCC Highway Fault Reporting System!

    The County Council has an inspection rota for roads, according to their importance and use - every 3months, every 6 months or annually. As long as they work their rota and stick to their schedule, then they have a statutory defence in law against negligence - and your claim for damages caused by road defects will automatically fail.

    Unless… unless the pothole or other highway defect is serious, i.e. more than 50mm deep, and it has been reported.

    In this case the County Council is expected to take action within a "reasonable time", which is taken to be a working week. To be fair to HCC they try to take action within 24 hours of the reported serious defect being reported, though sometimes the "action" can just be putting out a warning cone or two.

    But the point is this. If we all report the defects, this will increase the pressure to get the problems sorted out.

    If you don't report them then you are relying on HCC to work its way round its inspection rota and a possibly serious hazard may be putting road users at risk for longer than is necessary. You or someone else may then suffer damage or injury.

    So go to https://www.hertfordshire.gov.uk and you should find the "Report a road or pavement fault" box on the right hand side of the screen. Follow the menu and report the fault.

    Don't leave it to others and don't leave it to chance.

  • Article: Jul 6, 2021

    At the Resources and Performance Cabinet Panel meeting on 5 July 2021, it was revealed that Hertfordshire County Council failed to deliver £102m of budgeted improvements to residents during the last financial year 2020/2021. Hardest hit were children and young people, with £27.8m of the schools' expansion program and a further £12.5m of schools' repairs and maintenance being reprogrammed. Capital projects valued at nearly £2m (£1.7m) for Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) children and young people were reprogrammed, despite investment in this area being widely acknowledged as essential.