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The Liberal Democrats exist to build and safeguard a fair, free and open society, in which we seek to balance the fundamental values of liberty, equality and community, and in which no-one shall be enslaved by poverty, ignorance or conformity.

Recent Updates

  • Grid1 Museum
    Article: Aug 7, 2017
    Dacorum Borough Council does a really poor job in Tring of sweeping up soil, grit and litter from the gutters.
    These should be kept clean, clear and free-running, but because of neglect litter, grit and mud get washed along to cover over the grids at the top of the gulleys.
    This causes flooding, which is particularly bad at the top of Akeman Street by the Museum.
    It can spread right across the road and once or twice the run-off down Akeman Street even got as far as flooding the cellar of a house.
    Fortunately the Grid Fairy was out and about the other evening and got the two critical grids by the Museum uncovered just before the next downpour.
    The pictures show the result of this timely work - the Grid Fairy can't be actually seen 'cos it's invisible. But it was there, I assure you!
    Other critical spots cleared were in Bottom House Lane, Crawleys Hill and Hamberlins Lane.
  • Dolphin Square Commercial Waste
    Article: Aug 6, 2017
    For the second time in a fortnight now there have been justifiable complaints of sacks of commercial waste left out at the entrance to Dolphin Square as you approach from the Frogmore Street (East) Car Park.
    Some of the bags were marked "Cawleys", some "Grundon".
    Some of the bags were even marked "Dacorum Borough Council Waste Collection Service".
    Obviously they were awaiting collection by the appropriate companies - including DBC itself.
    However, dumping 16 bags and boxes of waste in a well-used public area of the town over the weekend is not acceptable.
    The Liberal Democrats have reported this as a fly-tipping incident on reference 523970 and have sent in 4 photographs.
    An alternative area on private ground must be found for commercial waste awaiting collection.

    Dacorum BC is responsible for keeping the borough "clean, safe and green" as they so proudly boast.
    The Conservatives have run DBC for decades and there are 5 Conservative Borough Councillors in the Tring area.

    Between them they quickly need to come up with a solution to this recurring problem.

    The renamed the borough council Cleansing Department, the "Clean, safe and Green Department".

    The councillors should ensure this department lives up to its name!
  • Vince Cable Packed Hall
    Article: Aug 4, 2017

    At a packed hall in the University of Cambridge Faculty of Law, West Road, Cambridge, last week the new Liberal Democrat Leader, Vince Cable addressed party members as part of a nationwide speaking tour which has taken him from West Country to Scotland in two crowded and strenuous weeks.

    Vince Cable, remarking on the massive polarisation of British politics today, told members he was optimistic for the future of the Liberal Democratic Party, especially when looking at the extreme positions being adopted by both the Conservatives and the Labour Party. Theresa May was now in a loose coalition with the hard right DUP and the Labour Party was now in the tight grip of Momentum, with the moderate Labour MPs intimidated by bullying and scared of deselection.

  • North Sea Island (Energinet Dk)
    Article: Aug 2, 2017

    Britain is on its way out of Europe - but as the Eurozone and other countries in EU27 continue make quiet progress, investment programmes are afoot right across the continent.

    One such infrastructure plan that is being explored is for a 6 sq km artificial island to be constructed on the Dutch sector of the Dogger Bank to act as a service hub for offshore wind, a site for AC/DC conversion between the wind turbines and transmission cables, an interconnector switching station and a solar farm.

  • D Train Prototype ()
    Article: Jul 31, 2017

    Actually not. There's a well developed second-hand trade in refurbished or adapted locomotives and occasionally multiple unit sets. For example, in 1966 six 4-car sets and six 3-car sets of London Underground stock built in 1923 were converted for use on the Isle of Wight Line and again in 1989 nine 2-car sets of 1938 London Underground vintage stock was modified, refurbished and also put to use on the Isle of Wight.

  • Beggars Lane June 2017
    Article: Jul 30, 2017

    After nearly six years of designs, redesigns, schemes introduced, schemes withdrawn, protests, objections, sabotage (at one point) and legal obstructions, the Beggars Lane Safety Improvements are nearly complete.

    There were several issues - parking for leisure use of the Ridgeway Path and the canal, parking when the station car park is full and to avoid the charges, safety for cyclists, safety for people walking down the outside of a line of cars from a parking spot higher up the lane, access for commercial vehicles, obstruction of drivers' views around a corner and sheer obstruction at the narrower part of the lane.

  • Charging Car in Canal Fields Berkhamsted
    Article: Jul 29, 2017

    Tring's Hertfordshire County Councillor, Nick Hollinghurst, remains very pleased with electric motoring and very satisfied with the performance of his 30 kWh Nissan Leaf.

    He says,
    "At an effective on-the-road purchase price of just under £21,000 for a 5-door hatchback I realise that I've made an expensive purchase - but after that you get clean pollution-free driving at around 3 pence a mile. The annual servicing is onloy a few hours work, comes in at just over £100 and includes a full valeting."

  • Vince Speaking in London June 2017
    Article: Jul 28, 2017

    Speaking at the Social & Liberal Forum Conference last week in the Resource for London Centre in the Holloway Road Vince Cable, now Leader of the Liberal Democrats, called for a national return to sensible economics and for the Liberal Democrats to focus more strongly on campaigning for improved and more effective health care delivery and a broader based education system.

  • Hemel Party June Potten End 2017
    Article: Jul 27, 2017

    A well-attended party for Liberal Democrat members and election helpers in Hemel Hempstead was held recently to thank people for their hard work, to review progress and success and to consider future activity and campaigning.

    Ron Tindall, Liberal Democrat candidate in the recent county elections, has been comfortably re-elected to Hemel Hempstead's St Pauls County Council Division.

    Ron Tindall, who is the Liberal Democrat Opposition Spokesperson for Adult Care, has already served 8 years on the County Council and was re-elected in May for a further 4-year term.

  • Tornado
    Article: Jul 26, 2017

    Faced with a growing trade deficit, a government deficit that is increasing again, a weak pound and lamentable productivity the Tory government has had to start cutting infrastructure projects.

    Back in the happier days of 2012, when Brexit was just a boring rant from a man with a French name in a saloon bar in Essex, things were different. Then we had a relatively strong economy, improving economic statistics and a Liberal Democrat Transport Minister, Norman Baker, who was able to announce new track, new stations, new trains, new lines and, above all, more efficient, carbon-sparing electrification